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It’s Time for a Change

Assessing Alnwick's potential to supply local businesses and public spaces with a clean, eco-friendly energy network.

Alnwick Heat Network

Northumberland Estates is currently assessing the potential for a heat network in Alnwick based on Northumberland County Council's energy masterplan and heat study.

This involves exploring the feasibility of low carbon heating for a large portion of Alnwick, which includes commercial consumers, public buildings, and new homes. This project supports national, local, and organisational efforts to achieve net-zero, as well as local economic development, skilled employment opportunities, and resilient local infrastructure.

This feasibility study is being carried out by SSE and Reheat, an energy consultancy based in Alnwick and will analyse public, commercial and a limited number of domestic heat demands, alongside technical and economic data.

Local businesses and residents will be contacted as part of the feasibility study, but there will be no practical disruption. Upon completion of the study, Northumberland Estates, in partnership with Town and County Councils, will consider the next steps and communicate any intention of taking further action to local residents and businesses.

Sustainable & Renewable Energy.

A heat network delivers low carbon alternatives to fossil fuels, contributing to better air quality and reduced carbon emissions. 

Heat networks are expected to serve 20% of the UK's heating demand by 2050.

Safe & Reliable.

A heat network offers a safe reliable and efficient heating system which complies with  Northumberland's climate action targets. 


Cost effective

Heat networks are more efficient than traditional heating systems and can offer cost saving advantages. 



 Northumberland County Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and implemented an action plan to reduce emissions and achieve net-zero by 2030.

Heat must be decarbonised to reach those targets and a heat network could be an important component of the infrastructure that can help us replace fossil fuels. 

Northumberland County Council have already undertaken an Energy Masterplanning and Heat Mapping study which has established the opportunity for a heat network.  The current feasibility work will look at the potential in more detail and determine if it is financially viable and under what circumstances. 


Commercial and local authority buildings included in Phase 1 


MWh of Existing Gas Usage


Tonnes of Carbon Emissions Avoided


The Team

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SSE Energy Solutions work with public organisations and private developers to accelerate the delivery of decarbonised heat networks

Reheat are specialists in delivering low carbon solutions and helping businesses and communities to flourish without the environmental and financial costs of fossil fuels.

Northumberland Estates is working to embed sustainability into its operations and develop green energy solutions through the local community. 


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