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Phase 1: Feasibility

Establishing the case for a heat network in Alnwick

Reheat Ltd have been commissioned to carry out a study to establish the technical and economic feasibility of a heat network in Alnwick. 

As part of the study, potential connections to properties in the study area will be assessed, along with infrastructure capacity for future expansion. 

The report will establish whether the scheme can proceed and provide important data on the technical, social and commercial opportunities that await. 

Area 1

The first area being considered includes Linnet Court, Lionheart Enterprise Park, Willowburn Retail Park and Willowburn Trading Estate on the southern edge of Alnwick. This is typically made up of commercial, industrial and public-owned properties. 

Area 2

The second area includes Alnwick Castle, The Alnwick Garden and Alnwick Infirmary. 


The project is focused on the technical and economic feasibility of a heat network within the study areas in Alnwick. The research will examine whether there is a business case to support investing in the pipe network infrastructure to operate the heat network.


Reheat will:

  • Request heat data from each site 

  • Assess the low carbon supply options

  • Determine the best location for energy centres

  • Review the financial and planning requirements

  • Appraise the risks and opportunities associated with the scheme

Next Steps


Heat networks will form part of the public consultation on the Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan.


We will evaluate the conclusions of the study and review the recommendations. 


If the scheme is feasible a second phase assessment will begin alongside a public consultation.  
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